ARL Transport LLC can obtain a wide range of specialized permits for the U.S. and Canada, including but not limited to:

  • Single trip and fuel permits ordered through the state direct or through Comdata on line
  • Over size and over weight permits
  • Annual over weight permits for a variety of states that offer and allow over weight permits
  • NY Hut permits
  • Oregon and New Mexico weight permits

Hauling Liquor

ARL Transport LLC has a wide variety of liquor licenses for most of the states that require either a license or permit, and can add additional states if necessary. For states with blanket permits, those permits are provided to all units every year and throughout the year as some do not expire year to date. Some states, such as Maryland, Massachusetts, and West Virginia require an original cab which ARL Transport LLC has in stock. New Jersey requires a sticker and vehicle information must be placed on file with the state.

Over Weight Containers

ARL Transport LLC has or can order overweight container permits and will advise you as to the conditions under which they can be used. For example, several states will only allow an over weight permit if the load is oceangoing and not domestic. We can also let you know if the states you wish to travel to allow or do not allow overweight containers on their roadways.

C-TPAT, Company Profile

Partner Name: ARL Transport, LLC
Doing Business As: ARL
C-TPAT Account Number: 52717338
Business Type: Highway Carrier - U.S. / Canada
Account Status: Certified, Non-Importer, Validation Completed

SCSS: Charles Shegog (charles.shegog@dhs.gov)
Phone: 908-353-6818 x244
Office: Newark
Phone: 412-507-3027

Company Profile

Company Information


Doing Business As ARL

Telephone Number 412-507-3027

Fax Number 412-507-3031


Owner Type Corporation

Business Start Date 12/08/2008