The foundation of ARL Transport LLC's efficient transportation management is ARL Logistics, a value-added, third-party logistics company. This division is fueled by leading-edge technology that allows manufacturers to outsource freight to our logistics team members, streamlining activities within our database of over 10,000 prequalified, experienced carriers. We have a large following of carriers contracted to ARL Logistics LLC that use all modes of transportation. They are required to pass our strict safety requirements and our carrier management team monitors the safety scores and insurances of each carrier.

ARL Logistics prides itself on making sure your load arrives on time, safely, and in the same condition as when loaded. Through the years we have learned that experience, dedication, and caring give customers a comfort level, which they pass on to their customers. ARL Logistics provides peace of mind to everyone involved along the supply and delivery chain.

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  • ARL Logistics was created to utilize our network of connections to create strategic partnerships
  • Initiative to recruit experienced Logistics professionals to expand our growing network
  • A true consultant approach working with select customers
    • Make sure we can provide value
    • Not interested in short term business
    • Focus on building long lasting strategic partnerships
  • After a thorough analysis we will at times advise a customer to go with a competitor if we feel it is in their best interest
  • Value networking and connecting people to grow each other's business
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  • One Primary Contact, One Phone Number, One Email Address = NO CONFUSION
  • Streamlined communications – Liaison to the ARL Network
  • Serviced by a small team that truly understands our customers' needs
    • Not just another number
    • Limit account management turnover
    • Experienced professionals leading the team
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ARL Network has an impressive 35-year track record of growth. Superior customer service is ARL Network's calling card, from single point of contact, to MIA Safety Services, to an ever growing database of over 10,000 highly skilled prequalified carriers:

  • Operates with over 40 terminals and over 600 drivers
  • Transport over 300,000 containers annually
  • Web-based Transportation Management System
  • High concentration on liquor, wine, and beer for over 20 years
  • US/Canadian Customer Bonded
  • Direct relationship with every large IMC, steam ship line, and freight forwarder
  • Rail and Container Interchanges with Every Major Line
  • Haz Mat Transporter
  • Smartway Partner
  • C-TPAT
  • Operating Authority US ICC 152672 DOT 186375/ Brokerage MC 674169

When looking for a transportation company to move your valuable commodities in a timely and efficient manner, remember that the road to a coordinated, successful transfer begins with ARL Network.

For more information, call us at 800-245-4755 Ext. 414. For a quote, email us at

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Service offerings include:
  • Flatbed and Specialized Equipment
  • Dry Van
  • Temperature Controlled
  • LTL
  • Volume LTL/Partial Flatbed Shipments
  • Intermodal
  • Door-to-Door service into Mexico and Canada
  • Door-to-Door service around the World with a large concentration to and from Puerto Rico
  • Managed Carrier Programs
  • Logistics Consulting Services
ARL Transport markets itself in many ways:
  • IANA Platinum Sponsor
  • SOFTASK Platinum Sponsor
  • JAX Port Sponsor
  • Food Shippers Sponsor
Member of:
  • New York Traffic Club
  • Chicago Intermodal Association
  • New Jersey Motor Carriers
  • Jacksonville Traffic Club
  • Savannah Traffic Club
  • Philadelphia Traffic Club
  • Newark Traffic Club
  • Chicago Traffic Club
  • ISRI
ARL Network channels business opportunities from its large national Account Customer Base through or network of transportation professionals across the country.

C-TPAT, Company Profile

Partner Name: ARL Transport, LLC
Doing Business As: ARL
C-TPAT Account Number: 52717338
Business Type: Highway Carrier - U.S. / Canada
Account Status: Certified, Non-Importer, Validation Completed

SCSS: Charles Shegog (
Phone: 908-353-6818 x244
Office: Newark
Phone: 412-507-3027

Company Profile

Company Information


Doing Business As ARL

Telephone Number 412-507-3027

Fax Number 412-507-3031


Owner Type Corporation

Business Start Date 12/08/2008