About SPOC (Single Point of Contact)

ARL Transport LLC offers an industry rarity in intermodal drayage: SPOC (Single Point of Contact). Whether providing spot pricing, bids, or looking for additional capacity in certain markets, the SPOC coordinator can obtain a rate from the appropriate terminal in a realistic timeframe. Simply put, SPOC provides an immediate answer to your request. The SPOC for intermodal drayage is operated out of ARL Transport LLC's corporate offices in Moon Township, Pennsylvania.

ARL Transport LLC and its divisional companies operate over 42 terminal locations in large cities throughout the United States and Canada, as illustrated in the SPOC map. Each terminal operates differently and uses separate SCAC codes. Some provide cross towns, while others do long haul or regional work. Our terminals offer a wide variety of specialty services to include warehousing, cross docking, and secure yards, while others may have tri-axle equipment or focus on hazmat, liquor, electronics, or cross border work.

Once the rate is accepted, a pre-note is sent to the customer who will be able to see which ARL Transport LLC terminal has been assigned to the order. Our service, though, does not end there; the SPOC will continue to track and trace the shipment all the way to the point of delivery. Customers can be assured that a second set of eyes is watching over every shipment, every step of the way, to its final destination.

Over time, if your comfort level grows and you choose to deal with a specific terminal on a one-on-one basis, or if you already have an existing relationship with a terminal, we fully support your decision to deal directly with that terminal location. In fact, seeing customer confidence in our terminals and with SPOC coordinators is a reflection of our superior customer service and ongoing commitment to meet your long-term needs.

For added support, we provide multiple options to keep the lines of communication open 24/7:

  • Twice daily email blasters that show additional capacity and available boxes for street turns.
  • All SPOC coordinators carry smart phones and are available after hours and on weekends.
  • Access to SPOC coordinators via email at dispatch@arlnetwork.com

We have several Divisional companies that operate under separate SCAC Codes

C-TPAT, Company Profile

Partner Name: ARL Transport, LLC
Doing Business As: ARL
C-TPAT Account Number: 52717338
Business Type: Highway Carrier - U.S. / Canada
Account Status: Certified, Non-Importer, Validation Completed

SCSS: Charles Shegog (charles.shegog@dhs.gov)
Phone: 908-353-6818 x244
Office: Newark
Phone: 412-507-3027

Company Profile

Company Information


Doing Business As ARL

Telephone Number 412-507-3027

Fax Number 412-507-3031


Owner Type Corporation

Business Start Date 12/08/2008